Sunday, November 20, 2011

Giler kain cotton

Hye bloggers! 

Dah lame giler x blog ni cuz of assignments pun tulis sbb ade idea...
guess what? i got Cotton Craze now! I dunno where it came from but i'm soooo searching for lovely cotton and when i see one that cathes my eyes, x kire la harge die brape...i mesti nk beli! 

Untunglaaaaa ade duit lebih sikit kan sem ni.hehe...but then i beli je tp x hantar jahit pun lagi...last 2 weeks i bought english cotton rama2! ni tgah ushar cotton kat Jellicloset...cantik2! and now ushar sket  English cotton kat Lovincotton! so inlove with that one!  japanese cotton kat Lazerafe collection dah catch my eyes ngah ushar je dulu ni...janji beli je dulu...jahit tu blakang citer! haha... 

My lecturer la ni yg watkan i giler cotton.baju die semua cantik2! cotton mahal kot die beli...rm150++ gak uh...yela lecturer kottttt....sbb tgok baju die la i dapat ilham nk beli bnyk kain cotton x kire la english or japanese..mahal pun mahal la..kalau dah berkenan x kire la kan! hahaha..*evil laugh!* ade jugak sem depan i mkn ikan bilis goreng je kang..sbb duit elaun gune beli kain cotton..ngeeeeeeeee... nk cari lagi la cotton cun2 kat Cotton Malaysia blog ...tataaaaa...

Happy blogging!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Girls..they never know what they want...truth hurts..LOL!

Its been a long time since i blogged.suddenly i saw my friend (filah) posted something new and i thought of writing something too..This is just a piece of my mind,nothing related to what she wrote..(^_^) 

Girls (i'm one of them of course!LOL) ..when they are single, they'd say they hate guys, join the single club and avoid couple...they'd say life alone is better, they'd rather live alone than living with a hopeless guy. They'd say they could survive living alone and being single like forever!

But when they got attached to someone they automatically change..Life's suddenly so sweet like sugar and everything seems so right....nothing is ever wrong...they can't even think straight and they keep smiling alone...

But when they start to quarrel with their boyfriends, that's when the world is like turning upside down..nothing is right! Everything is so wrong!..HAHA! its kind of funny sometimes but the truth just hurts aite girls? It just happens again and again.

Girls are just complicated..If a guy were to have a book on how to understand a woman, it would be damn thick! (like in the picture shown below) That shows how unique girls are. We don't even understand our acts sometimes. So just deal with it..That's called LIFE.

Just live your life peacefully.peace out yawl! 

Happy blogging!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Ape cher lame tak blog?

Ahn nyeong ha se yo!(Hello!)

Its been a long time since I blogged. Because of Sheila comel who posted something related to my staus in her blog, so I thought of blogging..Nih pon x tawu nak blog pasai paaaa..but then, the current situation in Malaysia worries me. Janganla kita sesama islam gaduh sebab orang atasan..sape yg rugi?..okeyh2..tak mau la cakap pasal current issue nih..sensitip!...

I’ve watched Transformers 3 and Kl Ganster..( takde modal dah nak blog pasal ape.haha!). Transformers 3 not bad laaaaa….but transformers 1&2 are way better than the 3rd…minah yang gantikan megan fox tu tak la cun mane pun,MeganFox lagi superb! Anyways, I’m totally in love with the auto bots and the super glam cars! Kalau la aku dapat naik kereta glamour yg minah tu naik! Jadi decepticon yang jahat tu pon aku x kesah.kereta dia cun2!

Then, Kl gangster (tgok kat u-tube je pun), citer dia bnyak pasal gaduh2,blasah2, tapi ye la, pelakon macho aaron aziz kot,memang x bosan la tengok!haha! zizan pun mmg pandai ceriakan suasana…like “bagi la..bagi la KL ni kat dia”..hehe..all in all, not bad jugak la KL gangster.
But I’m looking forward to watch harry potter 7 part 2! Giler excited dah ni. If I wanna know the ending, I could just read the novel but I prefer to watch the movie instead. So patiently waiting here!

Oh! Cuti ni?? Cuti sem yang lame giler ni, I think I’m gonna just sit at home rather than go and find another temp-job. Temp-job lama, I dah QUIT!haha..So duk umah tgok movie korea je la. I’m currently watching playful kiss & personal taste.

Rabu nih nak tgok wayang ngan my gurlz…citer ape x tawu lagi.ahaks! just nak lepak ngan Liya and Yaya…(should change may name to Nisaya kan?) hehe…that’s all for now..

To bloggers, Enjoy ur Blogging!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Rasa macam bercinta tak? Baca ni dulu~~~~ (^__^)

Cara Untuk Mengetahui Kamu Mencintai Seseorang...

Kamu bercakap dengan dia hingga lewat malam dan bila kamu tidur, kamu masih teringat padanya.

Kamu berjalan dengan perlahan sekali bila bersama dengannya.

Kamu rasa serba tak kena bila berjauhan dengannya.

Kamu akan tersenyum bila kamu mendengar suaranya.

Bila kamu memandangnya, kamu tidak nampak orang lain di sekeliling. Kamu hanya nampak dia...

Dia adalah segalanya yang kamu ingin fikirkan.

Kamu perasan kamu sentisa senyum apabila kamu memandangnya.

Kamu akan melakukan apa sahaja untuk membolehkan kamu berjumpa dengannya.

Semasa kamu sedang membaca ini, dalam fikiran kamu terbayang wajah dia sahaja.

Kamu begitu asyik memikirkan tentang dirinya sehingga kamu tidak perasan bahawa nombor tujuh hilang/tiada.

Kamu akan balik ke atas untuk memastikan adalah betul tiada no 7 dan kamu akan tergelak sendiri.


Saturday, May 7, 2011

Can I blog about guys?

Can I blog about guys?

From a woman’s perspective so that guys can’t get angry at me because of this blog post. They can’t say I’m bias because, of course a girl will write about a guy and who wants to write about his/her own flaws? Well, I have my right to write what I think is right.

Why is it that they are always right even if they’re wrong? It is because of their ego. Some guys control the girls like the girl is his wife, (they’re not your wife yet and even husbands don’t control the wives, I guess?). Even if the girl wants to be friends with another guy who is actually a good friend’s friend, the guy freaks out. Sometimes girls just don’t know what guys want and of course some guys will say, “I don’t understand what you want and I never will!”

Why is it when they are in love, they seem to understand each other like soooo well? But when the relationship starts to reach the 2nd year, it gets bitter. Where’s the sweetness? Guys, you have to know some things, girls (not all) hate being controlled! (Who likes being controlled?) 

And guys, we girls are unique. We don’t directly voice out what we want or how we feel because we ARE like that.(again, not all girls). We give hints but some guys just don’t get it. Ok, that’s fine, maybe you are the ‘straight-forward’ type. But at least, if you have been together for quite some time, can’t you see her pattern? What happens if she’s sad, what makes her angry and so on.

This is not about girls. This is about relationship yawl! It’s d*mn complicated. And I can see some of my friends are in 'this kind' of situation.”It’s complicated” stated on the Facebook wall. Not only girls, but guys too! I’m just kinda pissed off when I knew that some friends just broke up with the bf. And yeah! The reason is ‘they don’t understand each other very well’. That’s a good reason for a guy to find a new girl. (For girls to find a new boy too!, sometimes)

Anyway, just why are relationships so complicated? It is because the way you handle it. It you can handle it, and then it will be sweet! And if u failed to do so, then it becomes, “It’s complicated!” (+_+) I’m having hard time here so ignore my emotions when writing this, will you? My apologies. Good Night! 

And Happy Blogging! (not so happy though)

Family BBQ Night!

Hey bloggers + blog readers!

I just had my dinner which was Honey BBQ chicken and some other additional delicacies (dinner was at 8pm actually). Well, my family and I actually had a nice dinner (advance Mother’s Day special I guess).

Firdaus & the chickens~

So my brothers helped me with grilling the chickens. I marinated the chicken with mainly honey and other additional ingredients. So it became Honey BBQ chicken. I thought of using the ingredients like they(Teslians) used for the BBQ night before the holidays but my dad said, “Just make it simple”. So I did.

We grilled the chickens just at one side of our house.That's Ashraf.(^-^)

Honey BBQ chickens!Great taste for a simple recipe.

My mom cooked ‘sup tulang Singapore’ for lunch. She wanted to try it because my dad bought some when he came back from work the other day. So we ate like a lot! 

Sup tulang Singapore.(It's gravy is red.)

It was like a family quality time together. So I hope all of you enjoy your time with your family too!

Happy blogging!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Counting days

I should be studying for exams but I think my brain has stopped functioning since I've studied a lot the last 5 days!(sounds like a LOT,haha!). Saturday, Monday, Thursday and Saturday again! Then,I'll be back in JB in no time. Can't wait to go back, Home Sweet Home!

I'm counting the hectic days here...but that's just nothing compared with 4 months holidays eh? (^_^) I miss my family so much! Anyway, I think I'm well-aware that I'm gonna sit for the exams starting tomorrow with Syntax and Morphology(killer subject but fun), and I guess I'm prepared for this fight, so just wish me luck and I have to pray for my success! I have put much effort, pray for it, and now I just have to be confident and answer all the questions tomorrow(as if this is the 1st time I'm sitting for and exam)LOL!

Some people just don't have the effort to study and just wait for the friends to give every input in the book for them. Life's not that easy babe! You can't depend on others until you graduate. Your pointer will not be worth it. Mind that. People study for themselves and you are just lucky to have friends who care. (Suddenly emotional? LOL!) Back to the story, I know most of you have started exams already so, Good Luck and All the best!
Happy blogging!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Well Done!!!

Hello bloggers!

Well, I just wanted to update about what happened last Friday where the whole day was a brighter day for me as a TESlian.(Did I just say that? FYI, I was never proud to be a TESLian because I thought that I don't have what it takes to be a TESLian. Well, a Teslian should be very good in English in every aspect including listening, speaking, reading and writing). So, I thought I was just 'good' in this thing, not good enough to be an English teacher (which is why I chose not to pursue in teaching field for my future) although I know that I'm only good in English, (FYI-I'm not smart in science or maths field). LOL!

Back to the story,
So that Friday, with full confidence, I presented my blog analysis. That particular lecturer really comments on people based on what she sees like 'ok, very good, or good', 'needs improvement', 'watch your grammar mistakes' and all sorts of comments such as 'be confident when presenting', 'don't do unnecessary gestures', 'don't mumble' and all. When I presented I have full confidence and I didn’t speak like I speak to a friend, but more to speaking for a real presentation, LOL! 

So, after it ends, she said, "Well done! Good explanation, good pronunciation, good fluency, …..and overall well done! (that’s not complete, she did say ‘good’ something else but I forgot.) LOL~  with the expression on her face, I can see she was impressed with me in a way. There were other students who did very well too! Can I say that previously, presenters before me, she didn't mention anything about pronunciation or fluency but she did say some of my friends talked too fast. hehe.

So as students, that kind of praise and honest comments from a lecturer on our presentation really helps students, that's why I said, it brightens up my day as a TESlian because I know that I can make a better person out of myself. LOL~ Yeah, I was really happy that day that I spoke English almost all day. haha (normally we speak Malay of course!,..except at home I have to speak with my dad. huhu)

So well, people might say it’s normal for a person to feel happy once being praised. Yeah, I couldn’t agree more to that. (And some of you might say I’m just showing off.haha!joke~)That’s why a student needs motivation from the teacher, it gains his/her confidence.

For me, I know that I can speak very well but I admit that I'm just average at writing. I don't know why. Maybe I just lack the ideas of what to write.

There are people who can write very well but lack of confidence in speaking maybe because they are afraid that they might speak terribly but there are also people who can speak fluently and have great English but not very good at writing (but that rarely happen) because normally people who speaks very well tend to write well too because they simply have the confidence and knowledge to converse in English which shows they know the language well. If they speak with grammar haywire, it is possible that they write with that kind of grammar too. It is whether they have the knowledge or not. If they do, they’ll always improve themselves. My teacher once said, “If you want to know how good that person is in English, observe how he/she speaks. It shows that person’s identity.”

As for me, I’m trying for the best in me. Bloggers, this is a motivation from me to ‘you and me’, ‘If we know that we are not very good at something, put a little bit more effort to improve ourselves’.
Happy blogging!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

BBQ Smokin' Hot Nite Bebeh!

Hello there!! This is the only free time I have to blog I'll make it short...

Its about last night, where we had a BBQ party organized by Effa & the gang!(too many of you guys to mention here.hehe). We had a cute VVIP guess.(^_^) We had lots of Foods & FUN!

There was the grilling part where we grilled the chicken and frankfurters. Effa & the gang did the onion garlic bread and Elly & the gang did 'bubur kacang' which was super-delicious!  Miza and the gang did the so called 'rojak tauhu', is that right?hehe. Pat & Hanis played the guitar and we all sang together.

They even played 'truth or dare' game, if I'm not mistaken. We started the preparation around 5pm and ended nearly midnight. Enough of the details of the BBQ.Lets look at the photos, shall we?

"smokin' HOT chicks!"( I meant the chickens not the girls,LOL~)
p/s: that's me, holding the cooking pot.hehe

Full stomach already, thats why i kept smiling!

Grilling frankfurters and chicken wings! 

Fat & yummy drumsticks!

my plate!

Oh, yeah! Forgot to mention, we had fried bihun, grilled chickens& sausages, fries, onion garlic breads, 'bubur kacang', watermelons, syrup drinks and lots more!!  

Patricia & charge of the songs.

The balloon girls~ ( aren't they adorable? i meant the balloons..LOL!)

we sang and danced happily....awwww~~
It's me again, in blue!

TESLians grow as ONE!( excited faces!)

Dig in everyone!Super-delicious!!

p/s: a big thanks to akilah for the photos.

It was a lot of fun,maybe we can have another BBQ party next sem! Thanks to all. Every each of us were special that night. Adios for now..Happy Blogging!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Writing instead of analyzing!

Ellow! I should be doing my blog analysis assignment now for Discourse Analysis but I think I’m kinda tensed now that I would like to write a new post instead of doing my blog assignment (which I just started and need to be submitted next week!) 

I’ve been having inner conflicts now that I can’t really think straight. I’m trying to get over it but (damn!) it takes time. So, lemme see…Imma write about the blog that I’m analyzing for the assignment! (still related to assignment what? What are you trying to prove nisa?? (-_-)”

OK! I’m analyzing Niki Cheong’s blog. I’m very interested in this assignment because I’m a blogger too which gives me an advantage on how I should analyze a blog. There are lots of things one can find in a blog. 

Some people write about their life experiences, hobbies, recipes and sometimes share informations in a blog. Nowadays, we even have Vlog (video blogging) where vlogging is done by a vlogger. We have AnuarHadi and a few others.(OK! So out of topic!)

I’m analyzing Niki’s blog because I see a lot of interesting features and topics in his blog. I’m doing this without him knowing it. I don’t know if he should know that I’m analyzing his blog for my assignment (which I think he should know as I should give him a credit for this) but then, I don’t think he minds because I’m doing this for studying purposes. 

So, Mr. Niki, if you happen to be reading my blog now, (which is an honor for me), I thank you for letting me analyze your blog which is so interesting and it helps me a lot in my assignments.

Oh yeah! I learned new things while doing this assignment such as 'print screen'...LOL~

Oh! there he is....Niki Cheong~

Now, let’s do the assignment. Happy blogging all!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

And the winner is……..

Hey3! Last night we had a basketball match. I’m one of the committee members of basketball 3 on 3 match for girls and boys, where I was the timekeeper for the match. Alyaa, Jaja, Diha, Miza and I had a good time with all the Chinese Upsi students and also all the handsome China guys. They were very friendly and talked a lot with us. Well, lucky enough for the China cute and tough guys, they were Champions! Upsi boys didn’t win anything but they tried hard. Oh, here are some pictures of the match. (Unfortunately, we didn’t get any photos of the China guys because we were too busy doing our job as Committee Members.) haha! And the winners for the girls are………..

Miza and I..

Jaja, Miza, Alyaa and Diha..

Alyaa that me?

The trio!

Gold medal...lalala~

That's all for now. Just nothing much to write. To all bloggers, Happy Blogging!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Choral speaking: The thoughtful teacher. The best night of all!

Hi bloggers! Yesterday, I was very tired and luckily, now I have the time to blog.

Yesterday night we had the greatest night of all. We took part in the TESL choral speaking competition. The last three days we practiced together day and night.
Some pictures taken by my friends….

There I am with those stripes like zebra sweater..Memorizing the script~

Practicing again…like again and again and again….. ;p

That important night, we were full of 1001 feelings! Like excited, nervous, overreacted, happy and lots more! Ops! I forgot to tell the title of this choral speaking..hehe..This story is entitled ‘The Thoughtful Teacher’.
The night of the competition, we all wore blue! The gorgeous in blue! Aren’t we gorgeous? 

Oh, that’s the conductor of our choral speaking, the one with that white scarf, Hanis.

The gorgeous LADIES in blue..

We were the fourth group to perform. We waited nervously and we performed very well.Oh, there we are…..that’s the spirit girls!

“One day, Siti comes late to class…bla..bla..bla….” This photo was taken by a friend. (Find me in this pic!haha.)

In the hall......there I was....smiling!

Awesome surprise for us was that we won 2nd runner up! Well, we didn’t expect we’d win because there were other better performers but we were lucky! 1st runner up was the semester 1 students and the winner was semester 6 TESLians! Congrats to all! The semester 6 sure did perform very well. Their performance was a blast! Unfortunately, I don’t have their pictures.

We then celebrated at the mamak’s stall near KHAR, hehe. We had dinner together, and shared the hamper.

Credit picture to Fara Miina.hehe. (Tired faces there!)

This picture was taken by a friend. You can see the mamak there,haha!

We went through a lot together. Thank you all for cooperating and made this the best performance in our semester 4! I apologize on behalf of all for whatever mistakes or misunderstood which occurred. We have to forgive and forget because “We tend to make mistakes, now and then”. Love you all TESLians!

To all bloggers, Happy Blogging!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Blood is thicker than water

Last Thursday, I went back to JB........ 

The first day in JB (well, I arrived at night, so, it should be the 1st night.)…a friend picked me up and we had dinner. She treated me Char kuey teow. Wow, that was the finest one I’ve ever tasted in JB. Of course I ordered it with my favourite drink, fresh orange.

That night I arrived home and all my siblings were waiting for me. They were so happy that I came home although they knew it was going to be like three days. I hugged my mom like there was no tomorrow, and my dad was surprised that I hugged him tight. My little ones said I looked beautiful as usual, haha! They really know how to cheer me up! I missed them so much that my tears of happiness dropped. We had a long chit chat until late night and laughed like we never did. At least for a few days, I got to be far from UPSI’s environment and breathe some fresh air. (Although there were plenty of assignments I left behind actually. hehe) 

The next day I went to Plaza Angsana, which I can call “my second house” because it is so near to my house that we always shop there. My mom bought a new handbag and I bought nothing. haha! I wasn’t in shopping mood at that time.

In the evening, I had some time and recorded my talkative little one singing some songs she learned in kindergarten. At first, she was singing alone, then I recorded and she was like kind of shy but she still sang for me some songs. She’s so adorable isn’t she? Presenting…the 3 years old, Amira…!

That night my younger sister, Miza and I went shopping again at Plaza Angsana. I wore her not-so-high wedges and it hurts my legs. She bought a few shawls and again I bought nothing because I really thought that I had nothing to buy. Lucky me, she treated me KFC’s snack plate because she just got her salary. (She’s working while waiting for SPM result.) While waiting for my dad to fetch us that night, we took pictures together (like a lot!) in front of Angsana, and these are some of them. We don’t look so much alike, do we? …but still ‘blood is thicker than water’.

That Saturday, we had lunch at KFC, again! This time we went with the whole family. Miza treated all of us lunch! I don’t know why my family loves KFC so much. Funny ain’t it? Big feast yeah! I felt my stomach bloating. haha!


my lil bro & sis

my brothers

That evening dad bought home some Nasi Bryani Kambing from the ‘Briyani House’. It was super delicious! It suits the price though. (I felt like my life was for the sake of eating delicacies!) I didn’t eat that much because my stomach was still full.

That's all for my weekends.

Happy bloggING!