Saturday, May 7, 2011

Family BBQ Night!

Hey bloggers + blog readers!

I just had my dinner which was Honey BBQ chicken and some other additional delicacies (dinner was at 8pm actually). Well, my family and I actually had a nice dinner (advance Mother’s Day special I guess).

Firdaus & the chickens~

So my brothers helped me with grilling the chickens. I marinated the chicken with mainly honey and other additional ingredients. So it became Honey BBQ chicken. I thought of using the ingredients like they(Teslians) used for the BBQ night before the holidays but my dad said, “Just make it simple”. So I did.

We grilled the chickens just at one side of our house.That's Ashraf.(^-^)

Honey BBQ chickens!Great taste for a simple recipe.

My mom cooked ‘sup tulang Singapore’ for lunch. She wanted to try it because my dad bought some when he came back from work the other day. So we ate like a lot! 

Sup tulang Singapore.(It's gravy is red.)

It was like a family quality time together. So I hope all of you enjoy your time with your family too!

Happy blogging!

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