Friday, January 15, 2010

purple roses!

Friday, January 8, 2010

hari ni men basketball...penat tp best!! ade shanti,kak huda,miza and most important..alyaa..die yg ajak kitorg men bende alah ni..saket tgn aku sbb bola keras...haha..lecturer tu pon ok gak mr.luszep indon la..sbb tu nme pelik sikit..hehe..(sorry sir!)..aku shoot masuk 3 kali..yeh!!haha..jakun sket sbb x pna maen..^_^
hope minggu dpan will be better..diorg nk tuka dr sabtu g khamis mlm lak..x bace yasin ape?? bgus gak..jumaat ptg smpai ahad aku da free la nnt...enjoy!!!!!
isn't this page purple??? everything about me is it!
so..i made a blog which i don't know for what..just for fun maybe...and for the "followers" to follow..
^_^ what should i rite?? i'll think about it'm continuing my assignments! loads of them!!haha..
getting to know me?
i'm simple,happy to sing..loves music and PURPLE!!!
i don't like to fight or whatsoever...just be humble..and be yourself...adios~~