Friday, April 15, 2011

Well Done!!!

Hello bloggers!

Well, I just wanted to update about what happened last Friday where the whole day was a brighter day for me as a TESlian.(Did I just say that? FYI, I was never proud to be a TESLian because I thought that I don't have what it takes to be a TESLian. Well, a Teslian should be very good in English in every aspect including listening, speaking, reading and writing). So, I thought I was just 'good' in this thing, not good enough to be an English teacher (which is why I chose not to pursue in teaching field for my future) although I know that I'm only good in English, (FYI-I'm not smart in science or maths field). LOL!

Back to the story,
So that Friday, with full confidence, I presented my blog analysis. That particular lecturer really comments on people based on what she sees like 'ok, very good, or good', 'needs improvement', 'watch your grammar mistakes' and all sorts of comments such as 'be confident when presenting', 'don't do unnecessary gestures', 'don't mumble' and all. When I presented I have full confidence and I didn’t speak like I speak to a friend, but more to speaking for a real presentation, LOL! 

So, after it ends, she said, "Well done! Good explanation, good pronunciation, good fluency, …..and overall well done! (that’s not complete, she did say ‘good’ something else but I forgot.) LOL~  with the expression on her face, I can see she was impressed with me in a way. There were other students who did very well too! Can I say that previously, presenters before me, she didn't mention anything about pronunciation or fluency but she did say some of my friends talked too fast. hehe.

So as students, that kind of praise and honest comments from a lecturer on our presentation really helps students, that's why I said, it brightens up my day as a TESlian because I know that I can make a better person out of myself. LOL~ Yeah, I was really happy that day that I spoke English almost all day. haha (normally we speak Malay of course!,..except at home I have to speak with my dad. huhu)

So well, people might say it’s normal for a person to feel happy once being praised. Yeah, I couldn’t agree more to that. (And some of you might say I’m just showing off.haha!joke~)That’s why a student needs motivation from the teacher, it gains his/her confidence.

For me, I know that I can speak very well but I admit that I'm just average at writing. I don't know why. Maybe I just lack the ideas of what to write.

There are people who can write very well but lack of confidence in speaking maybe because they are afraid that they might speak terribly but there are also people who can speak fluently and have great English but not very good at writing (but that rarely happen) because normally people who speaks very well tend to write well too because they simply have the confidence and knowledge to converse in English which shows they know the language well. If they speak with grammar haywire, it is possible that they write with that kind of grammar too. It is whether they have the knowledge or not. If they do, they’ll always improve themselves. My teacher once said, “If you want to know how good that person is in English, observe how he/she speaks. It shows that person’s identity.”

As for me, I’m trying for the best in me. Bloggers, this is a motivation from me to ‘you and me’, ‘If we know that we are not very good at something, put a little bit more effort to improve ourselves’.
Happy blogging!

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