Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Writing instead of analyzing!

Ellow! I should be doing my blog analysis assignment now for Discourse Analysis but I think I’m kinda tensed now that I would like to write a new post instead of doing my blog assignment (which I just started and need to be submitted next week!) 

I’ve been having inner conflicts now that I can’t really think straight. I’m trying to get over it but (damn!) it takes time. So, lemme see…Imma write about the blog that I’m analyzing for the assignment! (still related to assignment what? What are you trying to prove nisa?? (-_-)”

OK! I’m analyzing Niki Cheong’s blog. I’m very interested in this assignment because I’m a blogger too which gives me an advantage on how I should analyze a blog. There are lots of things one can find in a blog. 

Some people write about their life experiences, hobbies, recipes and sometimes share informations in a blog. Nowadays, we even have Vlog (video blogging) where vlogging is done by a vlogger. We have AnuarHadi and a few others.(OK! So out of topic!)

I’m analyzing Niki’s blog because I see a lot of interesting features and topics in his blog. I’m doing this without him knowing it. I don’t know if he should know that I’m analyzing his blog for my assignment (which I think he should know as I should give him a credit for this) but then, I don’t think he minds because I’m doing this for studying purposes. 

So, Mr. Niki, if you happen to be reading my blog now, (which is an honor for me), I thank you for letting me analyze your blog which is so interesting and it helps me a lot in my assignments.

Oh yeah! I learned new things while doing this assignment such as 'print screen'...LOL~

Oh! there he is....Niki Cheong~

Now, let’s do the assignment. Happy blogging all!

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