Wednesday, April 13, 2011

BBQ Smokin' Hot Nite Bebeh!

Hello there!! This is the only free time I have to blog I'll make it short...

Its about last night, where we had a BBQ party organized by Effa & the gang!(too many of you guys to mention here.hehe). We had a cute VVIP guess.(^_^) We had lots of Foods & FUN!

There was the grilling part where we grilled the chicken and frankfurters. Effa & the gang did the onion garlic bread and Elly & the gang did 'bubur kacang' which was super-delicious!  Miza and the gang did the so called 'rojak tauhu', is that right?hehe. Pat & Hanis played the guitar and we all sang together.

They even played 'truth or dare' game, if I'm not mistaken. We started the preparation around 5pm and ended nearly midnight. Enough of the details of the BBQ.Lets look at the photos, shall we?

"smokin' HOT chicks!"( I meant the chickens not the girls,LOL~)
p/s: that's me, holding the cooking pot.hehe

Full stomach already, thats why i kept smiling!

Grilling frankfurters and chicken wings! 

Fat & yummy drumsticks!

my plate!

Oh, yeah! Forgot to mention, we had fried bihun, grilled chickens& sausages, fries, onion garlic breads, 'bubur kacang', watermelons, syrup drinks and lots more!!  

Patricia & charge of the songs.

The balloon girls~ ( aren't they adorable? i meant the balloons..LOL!)

we sang and danced happily....awwww~~
It's me again, in blue!

TESLians grow as ONE!( excited faces!)

Dig in everyone!Super-delicious!!

p/s: a big thanks to akilah for the photos.

It was a lot of fun,maybe we can have another BBQ party next sem! Thanks to all. Every each of us were special that night. Adios for now..Happy Blogging!

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