Sunday, October 28, 2012


Assalamualaikum and hello fellow bloggers :)
It has been ages since I last blogged!
Just so you know, I went to Cameron Highlands last weekend. 19th October 2012. (I just thought that would be the first and the last-sebab jalan nak naik Cameron tu berliku-liku dan memeningkan kepala I, LOL!)

Ok, obviously, I've gained weight! -__-"

So I went there with some friends, (datang salah time sebab makcik2 kat Strawberry farm tu cakap lagi 2 weeks baru strawberry berbuah-kecewa sekejap) HAHA!

Then, We went to see the places there. People there told us to go to “Pasar malam Cameron”, so we went. Macam2 ade! I bought a strawberry pillow for myself, strawberry key chains for my siblings, strawberry fridge magnets for my mom, T-shirt for my dad, and 7 baby cacti for the house. LOL! I’m so excited to see my babies grow (walaupun orang kata dia lambat tumbuh) hehe.

So, I searched for the info on how to take care of cactus and it seems pretty easy. (Tak payah banyak air,tapi banyak cahaya matahari). Well, cactus at the desert pun takde orang jaga tapi tumbuh elok je, so I’ll just wait for it to grow J

7 baby cacti :)

That’s all for now. Will be blogging more often from now on. Since I duduk rumah je cuti 4 bulan ni, ade lah masa nak blogging.muahaha.

Friday, May 11, 2012

MRSM Trolak: My first real teaching experience! *priceless*

Fellow bloggers..

Last Wednesday I did my macroteaching at MRSM Trolak. I didn't feel nervous at all cuz I know they are school students unlike my peers who are TESL students, when I was doing microteaching, they sort of bullied me. They made a lot of noise and even played around while I was teaching at the microteahcing lab, that was actually a priceless experience too. :P 

So, MRSM Trolak as what I observed, is a big school of course. I taught class 108 (Form 1). I taught adjectives and used SHrek and SPongebob as the set induction. Luckily they loved spongebob! SO, that made me feel relieved a bit cuz they loved my lesson. Luckily, this time I could manage the class well :D 

Lets see some of my snapshots I took from the video recorded while I was teaching..(cuz I forgot to take photos with the students!)

Presentation....their fluency in English is not bad!

My smart students!

Miss Nisa there~

Writing on the board...

Giving instructions..lalala~

After I ended my teaching session, I actually gave them my blog website, I wonder if any of them would comment here later and follow me :)

Teaching is fun but its just not my nature :P
Take care bloggers!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

CLEO 50 most eligible bachelors! -my review

Happy Labour Day everyone! *even though u’re not celebrating it, well, it’s a holiday!

Just feel like blogging while listening to “Everybody’s Fool” by Evanescence which is my all time favourite! I’ve been thinking of someone who made me look like a fool but I still have feelings for him although I know he’s thinking of someone else. Sad much? Darn! Just can’t control this feeling! 

So, back to my topic,.....50 most eligible bachelors in CLEO magazine...

That's MY magazine !

OK! So, I just spent my Rm200 book voucher at POPULAR Jusco Bukit Tinggi and I bought myself books, stationeries and magazines of course!

I bought CLEO and a lot of others including EH! magazine (With gorgeous Izara Aishah as cover mag!) and Women's Weekly (Eva Longoria on cover mag!)...but this time I’m writing about CLEO magazine's 50 most eligible bachelors! 

Not that I’m interested in those hunky+handsome+successfull+single guys (honestly,I’m not interested at all!) but because of their statements in the magazines that actually caught my interest! 

There’s something new that I learned from this section. It’s about how guys think of girls. Oh, come on, guys might say this is lame, but as girls, we don’t know how guys really think of us. Moreover, we know that guys are secretive human beings. So, this magazine actually shows the side of guys that girls never really thought about!  

First, let’s have a sneak peak on some of the 50 hot eligible bachelors from the snapshots I took. (Hope CLEO won’t sue me for this, anyway, its APRIL’s issue, now is already MAY!)

OK! I bet all the girls are like "Awwwww!!" right now! HAHA..(not me!)

CLEO actually asked this question to most of the guys:
“What is the ONE thing that you don’t get about women?”

When I read their answers, I actually laughed because I don’t have any ideas that the answers would be like below:

1)      Their contradictory, hypocritical mind. (David Buri, 25-producer)

2)      Why they dress to show their assets but when guys stare, they get pissed off. (Khazrul, 28-asst president)

3)      Obsession with shoes. (Lawrence, 30-actor,host)

4)      Their mind games. When you say something to a woman but she questions your motives. (Syed Naquib, 27-radio announcer/TV host)

5)      Why they always prefer to complicate rather than simplify? (Jamal, 26-ice skating national coach) -I like this one!

6)      Why they’re so sensitive about their age? (Andy, 23-multimedia designer)

7)      How they always wins at arguments (James, 27-writer)

8)      Why they still want to go for manicure/pedicure when they’re broke. (David, 22-model,student)

9)      How they spend so much on handbags! (Aimran, 26-communications exec)

10)  You just gotta say that they’re always right! (Carl, 32-model)

11)  When they say things like “You know what you did!” when I clearly don’t. (Farhaan, 26-business owner)-I like this one!

12)  Fickle-mindedness (Jeffrey, 22-fresh gard)

13)  When they take forever to get ready. (Eugene, 28-marketing executive)

14)  Saying one thing but meaning another (Julian, 25-product executive) -I like this one!

15)  Why do they go toilets in groups? (Sam, 24-writer)

16)  Why they always think they’re fat? (Imran, 29-musician) -I like this one!

17)  What they do really want? I still have no idea what they want. (Lash, 27-actor)

OK! That’s the top ones I’ve chosen b’cuz I like the statements! Haha!
And they are all sort of true...for me, girls like to complicate things b’cuz they are complicated human beings. That’s why men are created ‘COOL’ to complement the women. If not, lovers will be fighting all day long...or maybe the word ‘lovers’ would never even exist. Ok, lets stop about this ‘lovers’ thingy, shall we? It drives me nuts!!! 

So, girls, now that you have the ideas of what guys are thinking about you. Would you change your attitudes just to please the men? I bet the answer is a big NO! 

Well, guys, just accept your partner/girlfriend/fiance/wife as the way they are...
We, girls, are special in our own ways. :)

Happy blogging and Happy Labour day to all! 

p/s: please view my first video that I uploaded for my friend using my own Youtube account! 
just click the link below :) Thanks! * I'm a newbie*
TESLians Flash mob fever

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

kahwin? Jodoh?... :)

 Life as we know

Long time never write my blog u ols...This time it’s about wedding! Well, not really pasal wedding la kan....its about girls my age yg tak sabar2 nak get married biler tgok kawan2 lain tunang and kahwin! (facebook la penyebar berita kahwin2 ni) haha...Majority siap post pasal jodoh and all...Aku pon tak terkecuali la kan..jealous jugak la tgok org ramai2 kawin....Ni pun every week dapat invitation kahwin. Minggu ni ade, minggu depan ade. Lagi la menguatkan rase aku pun nak kahwin jugak! Muahaha..gatai naaaa...(calon pon takde, ade hati nak kahwin!)

Dah macam movie "13 going on 30" pulak. Ala, yg 
Jennifer Garner berlakon tuh.

 Nak tua cepat sangat, bile dah tua ‘on the spot’ menyesal pulak sebab dah terlepas enjoy life mase muda..Pastu nak jadi 13 balik! kan susah...dah jadi 30 tu macam tak best pulak padahal mase umur 13 dia yg nak jadi tua sangat kononnye boleh act matured la.haha! it's only a movie anyway! :D

OH! Before I forget, CONGRATULATIONS to my two classmates yg sorang got engaged (Kak Huda), sorang lagi  baru dirisik(Zatul) the whole class got so excited..biase la, orang kata mase umur macam ni (20-an) memang la rase macam nak kahwin sangat sampai rase mcam nak tua sikit dengan cepat so that boleh cepat kahwin! (that’s not a good reason to get older HAHA!) CONGRATULATIONS jugak pada kak ruhaya (wedding ahad ni inshaallah I'll go and CONGRATULATIONS to abg farid's wedding 29 April nnt sure datang!)

Some of my friends rase mcm tak sabar nak cari sape jodoh diorang, while some of them macam pasrah je belum jodoh. Some of the them pulak, relax and cool je sebab alasannye masih muda, banyak benda nak capai sebelum nak kahwin...Some are enjoying life while they are at it...tak risau pun pasal jodoh... sebab they got everything they ever wanted, they have family and friends (maybe boyfriend) that makes them feel that life is already contented. They don’t need to think of getting married at early age but still, it depends on individu la kan. 

Some people think that getting married at early age is happiness. They want to start their life by having husband, wife, and kids which will put lovely colours in their lives. (Yelah, kalau aku dah umur 25++ pun takde calon aku risau la jugak kan, tapi skrg ni boleh relax lagi la kan. Hehe!)

For me, it’s simple, “Jodoh Di tangan Tuhan” kite Cuma perlu usaha kea rah itu, doa dan tawakal supaya dikurniakan jodoh yg baik.. I like this famous saying “Adam akan cari tulang rusuknya yang hilang, jadi wanita perlu berdoa supaya Adam tersebut akan berjumpa dengan anda. Tulang rusuk Adam ada 1 je pun” :)  Nice words kan?

While you are at it, live your life to the fullest. When you enjoy it, U will thank God for giving you everything U already have although U don’t really want it. Sometimes what U want is not what U need. 

Be contented in life. Thank God for life and the people around U. They are the colours of your life :)  that’s all for now. Take care bloggers!

p/s: looking forward to wedding kak ruhaya kat taman tasik ahad ni and next week abg farid's kat perling pulak :)