Sunday, October 28, 2012


Assalamualaikum and hello fellow bloggers :)
It has been ages since I last blogged!
Just so you know, I went to Cameron Highlands last weekend. 19th October 2012. (I just thought that would be the first and the last-sebab jalan nak naik Cameron tu berliku-liku dan memeningkan kepala I, LOL!)

Ok, obviously, I've gained weight! -__-"

So I went there with some friends, (datang salah time sebab makcik2 kat Strawberry farm tu cakap lagi 2 weeks baru strawberry berbuah-kecewa sekejap) HAHA!

Then, We went to see the places there. People there told us to go to “Pasar malam Cameron”, so we went. Macam2 ade! I bought a strawberry pillow for myself, strawberry key chains for my siblings, strawberry fridge magnets for my mom, T-shirt for my dad, and 7 baby cacti for the house. LOL! I’m so excited to see my babies grow (walaupun orang kata dia lambat tumbuh) hehe.

So, I searched for the info on how to take care of cactus and it seems pretty easy. (Tak payah banyak air,tapi banyak cahaya matahari). Well, cactus at the desert pun takde orang jaga tapi tumbuh elok je, so I’ll just wait for it to grow J

7 baby cacti :)

That’s all for now. Will be blogging more often from now on. Since I duduk rumah je cuti 4 bulan ni, ade lah masa nak blogging.muahaha.

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