Saturday, March 26, 2011

And the winner is……..

Hey3! Last night we had a basketball match. I’m one of the committee members of basketball 3 on 3 match for girls and boys, where I was the timekeeper for the match. Alyaa, Jaja, Diha, Miza and I had a good time with all the Chinese Upsi students and also all the handsome China guys. They were very friendly and talked a lot with us. Well, lucky enough for the China cute and tough guys, they were Champions! Upsi boys didn’t win anything but they tried hard. Oh, here are some pictures of the match. (Unfortunately, we didn’t get any photos of the China guys because we were too busy doing our job as Committee Members.) haha! And the winners for the girls are………..

Miza and I..

Jaja, Miza, Alyaa and Diha..

Alyaa that me?

The trio!

Gold medal...lalala~

That's all for now. Just nothing much to write. To all bloggers, Happy Blogging!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Choral speaking: The thoughtful teacher. The best night of all!

Hi bloggers! Yesterday, I was very tired and luckily, now I have the time to blog.

Yesterday night we had the greatest night of all. We took part in the TESL choral speaking competition. The last three days we practiced together day and night.
Some pictures taken by my friends….

There I am with those stripes like zebra sweater..Memorizing the script~

Practicing again…like again and again and again….. ;p

That important night, we were full of 1001 feelings! Like excited, nervous, overreacted, happy and lots more! Ops! I forgot to tell the title of this choral speaking..hehe..This story is entitled ‘The Thoughtful Teacher’.
The night of the competition, we all wore blue! The gorgeous in blue! Aren’t we gorgeous? 

Oh, that’s the conductor of our choral speaking, the one with that white scarf, Hanis.

The gorgeous LADIES in blue..

We were the fourth group to perform. We waited nervously and we performed very well.Oh, there we are…..that’s the spirit girls!

“One day, Siti comes late to class…bla..bla..bla….” This photo was taken by a friend. (Find me in this pic!haha.)

In the hall......there I was....smiling!

Awesome surprise for us was that we won 2nd runner up! Well, we didn’t expect we’d win because there were other better performers but we were lucky! 1st runner up was the semester 1 students and the winner was semester 6 TESLians! Congrats to all! The semester 6 sure did perform very well. Their performance was a blast! Unfortunately, I don’t have their pictures.

We then celebrated at the mamak’s stall near KHAR, hehe. We had dinner together, and shared the hamper.

Credit picture to Fara Miina.hehe. (Tired faces there!)

This picture was taken by a friend. You can see the mamak there,haha!

We went through a lot together. Thank you all for cooperating and made this the best performance in our semester 4! I apologize on behalf of all for whatever mistakes or misunderstood which occurred. We have to forgive and forget because “We tend to make mistakes, now and then”. Love you all TESLians!

To all bloggers, Happy Blogging!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Blood is thicker than water

Last Thursday, I went back to JB........ 

The first day in JB (well, I arrived at night, so, it should be the 1st night.)…a friend picked me up and we had dinner. She treated me Char kuey teow. Wow, that was the finest one I’ve ever tasted in JB. Of course I ordered it with my favourite drink, fresh orange.

That night I arrived home and all my siblings were waiting for me. They were so happy that I came home although they knew it was going to be like three days. I hugged my mom like there was no tomorrow, and my dad was surprised that I hugged him tight. My little ones said I looked beautiful as usual, haha! They really know how to cheer me up! I missed them so much that my tears of happiness dropped. We had a long chit chat until late night and laughed like we never did. At least for a few days, I got to be far from UPSI’s environment and breathe some fresh air. (Although there were plenty of assignments I left behind actually. hehe) 

The next day I went to Plaza Angsana, which I can call “my second house” because it is so near to my house that we always shop there. My mom bought a new handbag and I bought nothing. haha! I wasn’t in shopping mood at that time.

In the evening, I had some time and recorded my talkative little one singing some songs she learned in kindergarten. At first, she was singing alone, then I recorded and she was like kind of shy but she still sang for me some songs. She’s so adorable isn’t she? Presenting…the 3 years old, Amira…!

That night my younger sister, Miza and I went shopping again at Plaza Angsana. I wore her not-so-high wedges and it hurts my legs. She bought a few shawls and again I bought nothing because I really thought that I had nothing to buy. Lucky me, she treated me KFC’s snack plate because she just got her salary. (She’s working while waiting for SPM result.) While waiting for my dad to fetch us that night, we took pictures together (like a lot!) in front of Angsana, and these are some of them. We don’t look so much alike, do we? …but still ‘blood is thicker than water’.

That Saturday, we had lunch at KFC, again! This time we went with the whole family. Miza treated all of us lunch! I don’t know why my family loves KFC so much. Funny ain’t it? Big feast yeah! I felt my stomach bloating. haha!


my lil bro & sis

my brothers

That evening dad bought home some Nasi Bryani Kambing from the ‘Briyani House’. It was super delicious! It suits the price though. (I felt like my life was for the sake of eating delicacies!) I didn’t eat that much because my stomach was still full.

That's all for my weekends.

Happy bloggING!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Friends-Friends-Friends! With love~

I was browsing through the internet when i saw this eye-catching picture!

And then suddenly I remembered my fellow friends! I realized that i actually have so many friends.I'm grateful for that. 

I have friends in jB,(of course there's where i studied),and Tanjung Malim,(that's Upsi friends) and I have other friends I met in Matriculation(KMJ) which we were very close like siblings but we parted after Matrix ends but I'll never forget all the memories we share together.

As friends,there's a lot we share,laughs and tears,happiness and sadness, we fight and we compete with each other, we forgive and forget, we studied and do mistakes together, but in the end the word FRIENDS tie us together till now.

How strong is a relationship called FRIENDS? It is till the end of our lives!

So, appreciate your friends and make as many friends as you can,it makes you happy most of the time.(^_^) "It's normal to argue though." 

Anyway, To All My sweet friends, I treasure the love and memories we share, even if we're far away, the memories will still be in my mind.So keep in touch dear friends! Love you guys lots!

To my Besties, you girls are the best! The precious moments I have is when I share it with you girls...(you know who you are!) Love u girls!!

Happy Blogging friends!

Missing my loved ones!

I'm missing my family!!! It's been more than a month since I last went home.(feels like a year!)...I feel like hugging my mom and dad for a few hours and then only I let them go. I wanna cry all the tears I have when I see them,that shows how much i miss them!(and my cute little siblings too). 

I feel like going home this weekend eventhough I have to skip taekwondo class.(Nevermind, I'll practice at home).. 

I'm considering bout going back to JB,it's tiring here in Tg.Malim.Moreover,loads of assignments cause me to vomit words from my mouth!(That's unlikely to happen). 

Anyway,I'm going back to JB this Friday no matter what will happen.
(It's like I'm gonna die if I don't go back.). 

You guys sure know how I feel.This feeling is bothering me.So, if you guys feel the same,don't hesitate,go back and have some quality time with your parents.It is worth it you know! (^_^)

So,appreciate them while you still have the time. 
Happy blogging!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

updated new blog...

Cute x new blog saye?hehe.disebabkan oleh beberape masalah dalaman saket jiwa saye, saye pon decide utk buat sesuatu yg akan memuaskan hati saye..ingat nk buat esaimen tp nanti makin stress renew blog la! bile blog dah cantik rase puas hati weeee.....=)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

warga KHAR blok 3 bace la,experience aku yang seram gile malam tadi!

Malam tadi,aku tido cam biase. Tapi aku x kunci pintu sbb rumate aku x balik lagi.dah kol 1 lebih pon die x balik,so aku assume yang die stay umah kawan die. Tapi aku lupe lak nak kunci pintu.nak dijadikan cerita, pukul 4.30 pagi akudgr bunyi pintu bilik dibuka.aku assume yg tu rumate aku.aku wat2 tido je la.tapi yg peliknye,die bukak pintu pelan2.lagi heran,umah aku x panah2 gelap kat dining hall ni,tp aku nmpk gelap gelita.pdhal housemate aku semua mmg x pnah tutup lampu luar tu.tapi aku still wat bodoh sbb aku ingt tu rumate aku.  Tp dalam gelap tu aku intai sape ni.pastu, die boleh pulak intai aku kat pintu tuh! Ya allah! Ape sal lak rumate aku ni main intai2, nk masuk bilik masuk je la kan! Aku x sempat nk Nampak tu laki ke pompuan ke hantu ke…sbb gelap gile! Pastu manusia ni diam2 bukak lampu,aku wat2 tido sbb aku rse seriau lak!Aku rase ni bukan rumate aku ni tapi aku x de kakuatan nak tgok sape makhluk ni….aku biar je tp bdn aku dah menggigil..tibe2 die cucuk2 kaki aku,nak tgok aku betul2 tido ke x…aku seram aku x bergerak la! Konon2 tido,aku serius tak brani nak tgok sape yg main2 ngn aku pagi2 kol 4lebih tuh!pastu pastu die tutup lampu balik.gelap sgt aku x nmpk ape2.aku dgn menggigil2 ni buat2 bangunn batuk2 n bising la batuk2.tapi aku x nmpk sape2 dlm bilik aku.,makhluk tadi pulak kemana hilangnye dalam gelap tu aku x tawu.aku cepat2 bangun pegi kat lampu.aku bukak.dah la die biar pintu bilik aku ternganga, lagi aku seram! Kat luar bilik aku tawu die ade,tp aku mmg x brani nak tgok sape.kalau rumate aku, dah lame die bukak lampu, x kan die nak duk dalam gelap, x kan die nk main2 ngn aku! Aku pon x pegi luar tu tgok sape.x brani der!! Aku tutup pintu, kunci sambil tgn aku menggigil2..aku nak tido balik pon takut..pastu aku still heran nape die diam je dlm gelap kat luar bilik aku. Aku pon nk mesej housemate aku yg lain nk suruh bangun. Tapi aku lak x de kredit langsung.dgn menggigil2 tu aku mintak kredit kat 2 org mmber.tapi paham je la.semua tgah tido.aku pon dalam menggigil2 sambung tido. Pagi tadi aku bgun,rumate aku pon balik,aku tanye die ade balik x semalam,die ckp x de pon.die tanye apesal,aku citer die pon heran.die kate silap x kunci pintu. Mmg silap aku pon. Pastu heran lagi hari ni tibe2 balik klas tadi pintu pagar kHAR blok 3 ni dikunci. X pnah2 lak die kunci.aku rase ade something happen dalam KHAR ni tp aku x tawu. Mungkin aku hamper jd mangse aku x taw.yg aku rase ade org report kat pejabat sbb tu pagar tutup.(ni aku assume je). Yg penting,sape2 yg report kat office tu, sile la bgtawu aku, aku nk tawu ape yg die experience! Seriau lagi nih!!! Menggigil! (T.T)

anyway,additional info,aku rase yg kacaw aku tu budak yg kurang waras or "gila" dlm khar blok 3 ni.kan ade budak tingkat 8 yg kurang siuman Khar x amek ape2 tindakan lagi x silap aku.ntah2 die kot? eeeuuuwwww seram!!!!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

JUst FoR Laugh gagS...

~pepatah melayu~
Message: Pepatah Melayu

1. Terlajak perahu boleh diundur, terlajak kereta
pun boleh undur, terlajak kapal terbang takde gear
reverse, sori.

2. Bersatu kita teguh, bercerai kita kahwin lain.

3. Sudahlah jatuh ditimpa pula tangga lepas tu
tercium pulak tahi ayam.

4. Alang-alang mandi biar guna sabun & syampu.

5. Harimau mati meninggalkan belang, isteri mati
meninggalkan gelang, suami mati meninggalkan
hutang. (Itulah...lain kali jangan suruh suami beli
gelang secara hutang)

6. Sebab mulut santan binasa sebab mulut juga...
nasi pun habis.

7. Biar putih tulang jangan kuning gigi (gosok,
jangan tak gosok tau)

8. Kalau tiada angin masakan pokok bergoyang
kecuali kalau ada beruk atas pokok tu

9. Malang tak berbau tapi kentut boleh berbau
walaupun tak berbunyi.

10. Biar mati bini jangan mati anak (boleh kahwin
lagi ape)

11. Alang-alang menyeluk perkasam biar sampai
kepangkal ketiak.

12. Biar korek hidung jangan korek tabung.

13. Berakit-rakit kehulu, berenang-renang ketepian
lama-lama jadi letih.

14. Sayangkan anak tangan-tangankan sayangkan
isteri kahwin lagi satu.

15. Kalau padi katakan padi, tidak aku ternanti-
nanti, kalau sudi katakan sudi, kalau tak
sudi.....boleh blah.......

16. Harapkan pagar, pagar pun tak boleh harap.

17. Tempat jatuh lagikan dikenang inikan pula
tempat kena saman.

18. Hujan emas dinegeri orang, hujan batu dinegeri
sendiri, kalau macam tu lebih baik tak payah

19. Biar lambat asalkan perlahan.

20. Kalau tiada rotan, pelempang ajelah..
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