Friday, March 25, 2011

Choral speaking: The thoughtful teacher. The best night of all!

Hi bloggers! Yesterday, I was very tired and luckily, now I have the time to blog.

Yesterday night we had the greatest night of all. We took part in the TESL choral speaking competition. The last three days we practiced together day and night.
Some pictures taken by my friends….

There I am with those stripes like zebra sweater..Memorizing the script~

Practicing again…like again and again and again….. ;p

That important night, we were full of 1001 feelings! Like excited, nervous, overreacted, happy and lots more! Ops! I forgot to tell the title of this choral speaking..hehe..This story is entitled ‘The Thoughtful Teacher’.
The night of the competition, we all wore blue! The gorgeous in blue! Aren’t we gorgeous? 

Oh, that’s the conductor of our choral speaking, the one with that white scarf, Hanis.

The gorgeous LADIES in blue..

We were the fourth group to perform. We waited nervously and we performed very well.Oh, there we are…..that’s the spirit girls!

“One day, Siti comes late to class…bla..bla..bla….” This photo was taken by a friend. (Find me in this pic!haha.)

In the hall......there I was....smiling!

Awesome surprise for us was that we won 2nd runner up! Well, we didn’t expect we’d win because there were other better performers but we were lucky! 1st runner up was the semester 1 students and the winner was semester 6 TESLians! Congrats to all! The semester 6 sure did perform very well. Their performance was a blast! Unfortunately, I don’t have their pictures.

We then celebrated at the mamak’s stall near KHAR, hehe. We had dinner together, and shared the hamper.

Credit picture to Fara Miina.hehe. (Tired faces there!)

This picture was taken by a friend. You can see the mamak there,haha!

We went through a lot together. Thank you all for cooperating and made this the best performance in our semester 4! I apologize on behalf of all for whatever mistakes or misunderstood which occurred. We have to forgive and forget because “We tend to make mistakes, now and then”. Love you all TESLians!

To all bloggers, Happy Blogging!

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