Sunday, March 20, 2011

Blood is thicker than water

Last Thursday, I went back to JB........ 

The first day in JB (well, I arrived at night, so, it should be the 1st night.)…a friend picked me up and we had dinner. She treated me Char kuey teow. Wow, that was the finest one I’ve ever tasted in JB. Of course I ordered it with my favourite drink, fresh orange.

That night I arrived home and all my siblings were waiting for me. They were so happy that I came home although they knew it was going to be like three days. I hugged my mom like there was no tomorrow, and my dad was surprised that I hugged him tight. My little ones said I looked beautiful as usual, haha! They really know how to cheer me up! I missed them so much that my tears of happiness dropped. We had a long chit chat until late night and laughed like we never did. At least for a few days, I got to be far from UPSI’s environment and breathe some fresh air. (Although there were plenty of assignments I left behind actually. hehe) 

The next day I went to Plaza Angsana, which I can call “my second house” because it is so near to my house that we always shop there. My mom bought a new handbag and I bought nothing. haha! I wasn’t in shopping mood at that time.

In the evening, I had some time and recorded my talkative little one singing some songs she learned in kindergarten. At first, she was singing alone, then I recorded and she was like kind of shy but she still sang for me some songs. She’s so adorable isn’t she? Presenting…the 3 years old, Amira…!

That night my younger sister, Miza and I went shopping again at Plaza Angsana. I wore her not-so-high wedges and it hurts my legs. She bought a few shawls and again I bought nothing because I really thought that I had nothing to buy. Lucky me, she treated me KFC’s snack plate because she just got her salary. (She’s working while waiting for SPM result.) While waiting for my dad to fetch us that night, we took pictures together (like a lot!) in front of Angsana, and these are some of them. We don’t look so much alike, do we? …but still ‘blood is thicker than water’.

That Saturday, we had lunch at KFC, again! This time we went with the whole family. Miza treated all of us lunch! I don’t know why my family loves KFC so much. Funny ain’t it? Big feast yeah! I felt my stomach bloating. haha!


my lil bro & sis

my brothers

That evening dad bought home some Nasi Bryani Kambing from the ‘Briyani House’. It was super delicious! It suits the price though. (I felt like my life was for the sake of eating delicacies!) I didn’t eat that much because my stomach was still full.

That's all for my weekends.

Happy bloggING!

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