Monday, March 14, 2011

Missing my loved ones!

I'm missing my family!!! It's been more than a month since I last went home.(feels like a year!)...I feel like hugging my mom and dad for a few hours and then only I let them go. I wanna cry all the tears I have when I see them,that shows how much i miss them!(and my cute little siblings too). 

I feel like going home this weekend eventhough I have to skip taekwondo class.(Nevermind, I'll practice at home).. 

I'm considering bout going back to JB,it's tiring here in Tg.Malim.Moreover,loads of assignments cause me to vomit words from my mouth!(That's unlikely to happen). 

Anyway,I'm going back to JB this Friday no matter what will happen.
(It's like I'm gonna die if I don't go back.). 

You guys sure know how I feel.This feeling is bothering me.So, if you guys feel the same,don't hesitate,go back and have some quality time with your parents.It is worth it you know! (^_^)

So,appreciate them while you still have the time. 
Happy blogging!

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