Friday, May 11, 2012

MRSM Trolak: My first real teaching experience! *priceless*

Fellow bloggers..

Last Wednesday I did my macroteaching at MRSM Trolak. I didn't feel nervous at all cuz I know they are school students unlike my peers who are TESL students, when I was doing microteaching, they sort of bullied me. They made a lot of noise and even played around while I was teaching at the microteahcing lab, that was actually a priceless experience too. :P 

So, MRSM Trolak as what I observed, is a big school of course. I taught class 108 (Form 1). I taught adjectives and used SHrek and SPongebob as the set induction. Luckily they loved spongebob! SO, that made me feel relieved a bit cuz they loved my lesson. Luckily, this time I could manage the class well :D 

Lets see some of my snapshots I took from the video recorded while I was teaching..(cuz I forgot to take photos with the students!)

Presentation....their fluency in English is not bad!

My smart students!

Miss Nisa there~

Writing on the board...

Giving instructions..lalala~

After I ended my teaching session, I actually gave them my blog website, I wonder if any of them would comment here later and follow me :)

Teaching is fun but its just not my nature :P
Take care bloggers!

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