Monday, March 14, 2011

Friends-Friends-Friends! With love~

I was browsing through the internet when i saw this eye-catching picture!

And then suddenly I remembered my fellow friends! I realized that i actually have so many friends.I'm grateful for that. 

I have friends in jB,(of course there's where i studied),and Tanjung Malim,(that's Upsi friends) and I have other friends I met in Matriculation(KMJ) which we were very close like siblings but we parted after Matrix ends but I'll never forget all the memories we share together.

As friends,there's a lot we share,laughs and tears,happiness and sadness, we fight and we compete with each other, we forgive and forget, we studied and do mistakes together, but in the end the word FRIENDS tie us together till now.

How strong is a relationship called FRIENDS? It is till the end of our lives!

So, appreciate your friends and make as many friends as you can,it makes you happy most of the time.(^_^) "It's normal to argue though." 

Anyway, To All My sweet friends, I treasure the love and memories we share, even if we're far away, the memories will still be in my mind.So keep in touch dear friends! Love you guys lots!

To my Besties, you girls are the best! The precious moments I have is when I share it with you girls...(you know who you are!) Love u girls!!

Happy Blogging friends!

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