Monday, February 25, 2013

My Baby Fossil

Good morning, Bloggers!

I think it's been ages since i blogged. Well, I just thought I wanna share what I bought when I was doing my practicum. I saw a beautiful pink FOSSIL watch on this website ( I can't remember the name and I don't bother to remember it) So after three days of observing it online, I thought of buying it. Of course I make sure it's a trusted website first.*tanya banyak soalan kat pemilik website tu, fuh!* Oh! remind me that it was pricey. 

However, since it was like one of a kind "limited edition" look, so I thought it's worth it and I actually bought it for RM399. Fuh!! So there goes my allowance money. Well, there's nothing more than buying yourself a nice present for your own satisfaction. I couldn't find anything better than this during my practicum time, since everything related to practicum was so frustrating. Oh well, lets just look at the photos I took. :)

my pink white watch!

It satisfy me to wear it. Of course I take good care of it. *Dah berapa banyak kali scratch entah* but it's still like brand new. Oh! Not to forget when I went to JPO (Johor Premium Outlet) and I saw Fossil watches at RM350 and I was a bit disappointed when I found out that it's much cheaper if we buy at their outlet. But, seeing that the design are slightly different from mine and none of them is same as mine, I felt at ease. *Evil laugh* Well, it's worth it then, since there's no pink white Fossil watches there. Satisfied! ;)

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