Friday, April 22, 2011

Counting days

I should be studying for exams but I think my brain has stopped functioning since I've studied a lot the last 5 days!(sounds like a LOT,haha!). Saturday, Monday, Thursday and Saturday again! Then,I'll be back in JB in no time. Can't wait to go back, Home Sweet Home!

I'm counting the hectic days here...but that's just nothing compared with 4 months holidays eh? (^_^) I miss my family so much! Anyway, I think I'm well-aware that I'm gonna sit for the exams starting tomorrow with Syntax and Morphology(killer subject but fun), and I guess I'm prepared for this fight, so just wish me luck and I have to pray for my success! I have put much effort, pray for it, and now I just have to be confident and answer all the questions tomorrow(as if this is the 1st time I'm sitting for and exam)LOL!

Some people just don't have the effort to study and just wait for the friends to give every input in the book for them. Life's not that easy babe! You can't depend on others until you graduate. Your pointer will not be worth it. Mind that. People study for themselves and you are just lucky to have friends who care. (Suddenly emotional? LOL!) Back to the story, I know most of you have started exams already so, Good Luck and All the best!
Happy blogging!

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