Saturday, May 7, 2011

Can I blog about guys?

Can I blog about guys?

From a woman’s perspective so that guys can’t get angry at me because of this blog post. They can’t say I’m bias because, of course a girl will write about a guy and who wants to write about his/her own flaws? Well, I have my right to write what I think is right.

Why is it that they are always right even if they’re wrong? It is because of their ego. Some guys control the girls like the girl is his wife, (they’re not your wife yet and even husbands don’t control the wives, I guess?). Even if the girl wants to be friends with another guy who is actually a good friend’s friend, the guy freaks out. Sometimes girls just don’t know what guys want and of course some guys will say, “I don’t understand what you want and I never will!”

Why is it when they are in love, they seem to understand each other like soooo well? But when the relationship starts to reach the 2nd year, it gets bitter. Where’s the sweetness? Guys, you have to know some things, girls (not all) hate being controlled! (Who likes being controlled?) 

And guys, we girls are unique. We don’t directly voice out what we want or how we feel because we ARE like that.(again, not all girls). We give hints but some guys just don’t get it. Ok, that’s fine, maybe you are the ‘straight-forward’ type. But at least, if you have been together for quite some time, can’t you see her pattern? What happens if she’s sad, what makes her angry and so on.

This is not about girls. This is about relationship yawl! It’s d*mn complicated. And I can see some of my friends are in 'this kind' of situation.”It’s complicated” stated on the Facebook wall. Not only girls, but guys too! I’m just kinda pissed off when I knew that some friends just broke up with the bf. And yeah! The reason is ‘they don’t understand each other very well’. That’s a good reason for a guy to find a new girl. (For girls to find a new boy too!, sometimes)

Anyway, just why are relationships so complicated? It is because the way you handle it. It you can handle it, and then it will be sweet! And if u failed to do so, then it becomes, “It’s complicated!” (+_+) I’m having hard time here so ignore my emotions when writing this, will you? My apologies. Good Night! 

And Happy Blogging! (not so happy though)

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