Saturday, October 15, 2011

Girls..they never know what they want...truth hurts..LOL!

Its been a long time since i blogged.suddenly i saw my friend (filah) posted something new and i thought of writing something too..This is just a piece of my mind,nothing related to what she wrote..(^_^) 

Girls (i'm one of them of course!LOL) ..when they are single, they'd say they hate guys, join the single club and avoid couple...they'd say life alone is better, they'd rather live alone than living with a hopeless guy. They'd say they could survive living alone and being single like forever!

But when they got attached to someone they automatically change..Life's suddenly so sweet like sugar and everything seems so right....nothing is ever wrong...they can't even think straight and they keep smiling alone...

But when they start to quarrel with their boyfriends, that's when the world is like turning upside down..nothing is right! Everything is so wrong!..HAHA! its kind of funny sometimes but the truth just hurts aite girls? It just happens again and again.

Girls are just complicated..If a guy were to have a book on how to understand a woman, it would be damn thick! (like in the picture shown below) That shows how unique girls are. We don't even understand our acts sometimes. So just deal with it..That's called LIFE.

Just live your life peacefully.peace out yawl! 

Happy blogging!

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