Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Hi Bloggers! 

Just got back from class and my housemates were crazy because they just got their shoes from Zalora. Oh! I got my shoes earlier than them but I have no idea why. We bought the shoes on the same day (last Sunday night) but we just got them at different times. Anyways, I think it's worth it because after I deducted the shipping cost (cuz I bought four pairs of shoes), I just got RM18 for each of the shoes. If you go to other places, it could cost you around Rm30 per pair. 

So my housemates influenced me to buy these shoes. Guess what? After I posted the photo on Facebook, my classmates started to notice my shoes and some of them said they wanna buy them too since it's on SALE! And I was so happy to promote Zalora to them.

This is the website

So, while stocks last, you all better go and get your shoes too! Oh! and there's also nice clothes ad accessories at cheap price. Trust me! You won't regret it. 

Plus, if you sign up with your new email address, you can get RM20 voucher and that is much more interesting! Since I've signed up on Zalora before, so this time I just couldn't get the voucher. 
If not, RM75-RM20=RM55. Wow! I can get 4 pairs of shoes at RM55. Well, I just couldn't be bothered to create a new email just to get RM20 voucher. Rm75 for 4 pairs of shoes are already cheap enough for me.

I'm so happy to have new beautiful shoes ! ;)

That's all , take care bloggers! 

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    Kami sangat meminati blog anda dan cara penulisan anda menarik perhatian kami.

    Kami ingin bertanya adakah anda pernah membeli-belah di ? Kami berminat untuk menjalinkan kerjasama bersama anda.

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