Monday, February 7, 2011

Just about language.

It’s been long time since I blogged.i've something in mind and i just need to spit it out.just here.
When I come to think about this, it really irritates me. My proficiency in English is not that good but sometimes I just can’t stand myself being so scrupulous about this English language thing especially, when it comes to grammar. I can easily detect people’s grammatical mistakes. Well, of course sometimes I make them myself but I never make it to be obvious. The problem now is that some people are just so confident that they ignore their grammatical mistakes. I can’t say that they don’t realize it because it is so obvious that a 13 years old student could correct it. Those are actually simple mistakes or I can say stupid mistakes like “it’s hurt” which is suppose to be “it hurts”, and “that’s mean” which is suppose to be “that means” and “we doesn’t” rather than “We don’t”. I observed this in my own community in their everyday conversation. At first I thought they only slipped their tongue but when they keep repeating it without correcting it, I’m sure that they actually lack the knowledge. I’m not saying that I’m perfect because I know that I don’t have a good vocabulary myself. I have so much to learn but these simple things are what future English teachers shouldn’t do. If not, don’t blame the students of why they don’t like English subject. Me, myself actually slipped my tongue sometimes but when I realized I was wrong, I corrected it as soon as I noticed it. It is obvious when sometimes we tend to focus too much on our point of conversation that we totally ignore our grammar. I admit that myself, but I think as future teachers, they shouldn’t make that a routine because in future, they will have to talk a lot in front of the students and also focus on their point and lesson in class. Well, as for me, I don’t know what the future awaits but my aim is to work and do whatever I enjoy and I don’t think I’m going to enjoy teaching because I know I don’t have what it takes to be a teacher. Maybe I can be a critic….or maybe not.(^_^)
So, whatever I’m going to be, I hope it would be good for me and my society.

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